S&Ps Wedding Part 1

So let me apologize for teasing you, promising this post on like 3 separate occasions…. BUT, I have had an unbelievably crazy week with work, wedding planning, personal stuff, etc., so please please take my heartfelt apology and forgive me.  I am going to do everything in my power to make this post worth the wait!

So, as I mentioned at some other point in time (I think), my fiance and I are doing the majority of this wedding ourselves-I’m talking EVERYTHING.  We’re doing it at our wonderful neighbor’s barn, which I think is perfect (I have vision) but P isn’t as thrilled about it-that’s probably because it needs a complete renovation and, wait for it, they started YESTERDAY.  That’s right, our wedding is less than two months away and our venue is not complete….Laughing so I don’t cry….But in all honesty, I know it will get done-my mom is this super human power bitch who manages to get anything and everything she needs to done, even if it’s by the skin of her teeth.  The barn is going to need its own separate post, so let me move on to what I’m going to call:

S&Ps Wedding, Part 1

Ok, so, I’m going to give you a little taste of what we’ve done so far, and a couple teasers for posts to come.  Let’s start with the…

  1. Flowers. My AMAZING friend K is not a florist but might as well be-she has the greenest thumb on the planet and has been so unbelievably helpful to me throughout the last few months, planting, advising, etc.  The vision is as follows: galvanized metal and dusty greens, grays, blues, some purple, and white.  I NEVER thought I’d be a neutral bride, but nonetheless here we are, and gray is basically my favorite color.  I love the look of galvanized because, well, what the fuck is not to like?  It’s rustic, neutral, but gives a subtle sheen that just does it for me.  *sigh…*  We’ve also decided that instead of buying favors, we’re going to plant a wide variety of flowers, succulents, herbs, etc., in manageable sized pots, and let people take those.  P doesn’t believe in favors, but I wanted to do at least something small for those who wanted it.  I legitimately can’t get over what an amazing idea I think this is.  Not only was it cheap, easy, and fun to make, BUT, how many people keep favors for years to come?  Hopefully some of my guests have green thumbs, but if not it’s ok-this is why we did a lot of succulents, they’re basically impossible to kill.  Now that I’ve talked it up, let me share with you a few pics that will show what I’m talking about.  Pay special attention to the clogs that I found for $1 at a garage sale, because they’re everything, AND the succulents, because they’re just my favorite…More to come via insta, I promise!


  1. Invitations.  So this was a big debacle because I had no idea what I wanted, BUT I wanted the invite and the save the date to go together (aesthetically), and I also didn’t want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on something that people are going to see, appreciate for a second, then probably throw away (did you guys like my run-on sentence!?).  Simultaneously, I wanted them to be the most beautiful invitations anyone has ever seen and I want them to perfectly embody me, P, and our wedding…are you sensing my struggle yet? FEAR NOT, friends, because I managed it-I custom designed both our save the dates and invitations/response cards through Zazzle, and I love the way they turned out.  HIGHLY recommend, you guys, they have so much variety and you can make them as customized as you want, for the most part.  They’re definitely not the old fashioned, feel of the paper, kind of invites, but trust, they look amaze, and I love them-what else even matters, amiright?  AND, to make them slightly more special, my amazing friend R addressed them all with her beautiful calligraphy.  Splash of sophistication if you ask me, and she did it fo free, because she’s a majestic angel.  And, wait for it, there were a couple she couldn’t do/I forgot to give her (oops) and my OTHER friend, L, finished those in the most incredible fashion…it pays to have talented friends, let me tell you.  I’m one lucky gal….see below…

invites processinvites staged

  1. Ceremony decorations.  So, as if I didn’t already love P enough, he happens to be the handiest man on the motherfucking planet.  He has and continues to build the most amazing projects for this wedding, and with each passing day, my little heart swells with joy, pride, and love, because they’re AMAZING.  I’m talking professional quality, people.  So, here’s what he’s done so far…our wedding arch, *swoon*, and kegerator (double *swoon*)….

They’re incredible, and somehow he has captured the vision of literally EXACTLY what I want-there will be more to come on this front, but here’s how we did it, for the most part.  Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the building process-he generally just finds good quality plans online, or watches a couple youtube tutorials and goes from there. For the kegerator, I guess calling it that is a little misleading-it’s actually just a frame that will fit 4 1/6th kegs in an iced bucket underneath-he also bought the cooling panel (you can get these at most restaurant supply stores, some are used for decently cheap), to make sure the beer is ice cold.  My involvement was limited to being his assistant and nailing on the barnwood facade-I should also mention, I painstakingly designed it too-you might think I’m joking, but I literally planned out every piece of barnwood so the color, texture, pattern, etc,, looked right.  It’s all about PERFECTION PEOPLE.  The wedding arch was all P and I have no idea how he did it.  It’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen.  The only piece of info I can give you, is that if you’re trying to do something similar, use cedar-it weathers majestically, and for some reason it’s the only wood you should use for things like this

  1. LAVENDER.  I’m obsessed with lavender.  The way it looks, smells, EVERYTHING about it.  So, I wanted to incorporate it into my wedding, somehow. I was looking all over good ole Pinterest, and came across the most amazing idea-toss lavender instead of rice, glitter, bird seed, blahdy blah whatever people throw at weddings (my mom also told me rice kills the birds which depressed me, I don’t like glitter, and I’m not tryna get pelted with fucking bird seed at my own wedding-so this seemed like the only option).  Luckily, my dad had a bunch growing in his backyard, so we snipped it, tied it in bunches with twine, and hung it to dry-incredibly easy.  The only things you need to pay attention to are as follows: make sure bundles are small enough so they can really “dry;” if you have them too big, the moisture will get stuck and they can get moldy, YUCK, make sure you dry them in a relatively dry place aka not a steam room, greenhouse, bathroom, etc.-there needs to be plenty of air flow!!  Other than that you’re good to go, see the pictures below for exactly how easy it is!!!

lavender cutlavender basketlavender hanging

Alright, you guys, I appreciate you taking the time to read, as always!! I’m going to try to be better about posting with more frequency, but life gets crazy sometimes!! I’ll have a couple FAB recipes coming your way soon, and can’t wait ti delve into wedding posts parts 2, 3, 4, however many it takes so you can all feel like you’re there with me on my big day.



P.S. MY DRESS COMES TUESDAY!!!!!!! Stay tuned….

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